1. Can we rent studio space?  
Airborne Gymnastics owns the studio. For rental space please contact them at fun@airborne-gymnastics.com. They can let you know about space availability, cost, etc.


2. Are there discounts for new students?

YES! First-time Zumba and Bombay Jam students can try out a class for FREE.

3. Do we need to register to attend classes?

Nope! No registration or membership needed. Just arrive 5-10 minutes before one of our classes to sign a waiver. Don't forget bottle water & towel.


4. Is Rhythm Attic part of Airborne Gymnastics?

No, we are our own business and not a part of Airborne Gymnastics. Our studio and check-in desk are both on the 2nd floor.


5. Where can I get more information?

Send us a message! Contact us at therhythmatticsc@gmail.com