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1. Can we rent studio space?  
Airborne Gymnastics owns the studio. For rental space please contact them at They can let you know about space availability, cost, etc.


2. Are there discounts for new students?

YES! First-time Zumba and Bombay Jam students can try out a class for FREE.

3. Do we need to register to attend classes?

Nope! No registration or membership needed. Just arrive 5-10 minutes before one of our classes to sign a waiver. Don't forget bottle water & towel.


4. Is Rhythm Attic part of Airborne Gymnastics?

No, we are our own business and not a part of Airborne Gymnastics. Our studio and check-in desk are both on the 2nd floor.


5. Where can I get more information?

Send us a message! Contact us at

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